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When you search for inspection technology on the internet, you are looking for results you can act on. You have been tasked with procuring safe and reliable services. You will need data collected by qualified technicians. You require information that your engineers, project managers, planners, and other professionals can base decisions on.  You need to fit your budget, your timeline, and your project demands.

There is more to service than technology. When you enlist Maverick Inspection, you are drawing on more than twenty years of operation in Western Canada, and more than a century of collective experience in remote sensing disciplines. We have enough depth to cover all of the bases: Administrative. Safety. Dispatching, Logistics, and Mobilization. Quality. Maverick has grown and kept pace with Alberta.

Maverick provides concrete scans in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Leduc, Nisku, St Albert and more.

You are purchasing access to a wide range of expertise and equipment, analysis software, and research & development capabilities. You are tapping into the training and tools required to provide the right information. We have the ability to tailor our approach and our reporting formats to your requirements.



Some of Maverick’s Services


Ground-penetrating Radar (GPR) is the flagship technology in Maverick’s Subsurface Division. GPR is the science of penetrating the subsurface with radio waves in order to gather information about underground features and facilities. This service is perhaps one of the most precise and demanding remote sensing techniques we use. Equipment selection, data gathering, software analysis, reporting, and communication of results takes years of experience.

Equipment manufacturers have focused their recent sales efforts on flooding the commercial and industrial market in Western Canada with GPR systems. Unfortunately, this results in untrained technicians, operators with little more than a couple of days of manufacturer’s introductory training, or even pared-down, power tool level systems in the hands of unskilled laborers. The internet is full of websites with empty promises of expertise, cut-and-pasted descriptions of services, and even dangerously misleading safety and liability claims. It is difficult to wade through all of the persuasive words and pretty pictures to find the truth.

Maverick provides concrete radar scans in Edmonton, St Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort McMurray, Fort Saskatchewan, Red Deer, Calgary, Hinton, and more.

Maverick has been performing GPR services in Western Canada since 2001, on all types of sites for all industries. We have a wide range of systems, not limited to one manufacturer, frequency, make, model, generation, or deployment platform. Every system has strengths and weaknesses, and experience and training is required to select the right option, or even combine multiple frequencies or deploy complementary technologies.

Maverick’s commitment to safety, quality, and reliability extends beyond training, experience, and data gathering procedures. Our team includes an Electronic Technologist with a decade of experience testing, calibrating, maintaining, and repairing remote sensing geoscientific equipment on a component level. We maintain the qualifications and requirements to access the most secure and demanding sites and facilities. With Maverick you are not paying for an eager entrepreneur with a new hardhat and a supposedly user-friendly system fresh out of the box. You are purchasing a team of expertise dedicated to providing results.

In addition to GPR, Maverick deploys subsurface technology such as Magnetometry, EM Profiling (Conductivity), Resistivity, and Acoustics.



In Western Canada, and especially Alberta, there is a massive amount of underground facilities. There are more kilometers of pipelines in Alberta than there are roads. There are gas, electrical, and water services, underground storage tanks, communications systems and drainage and sewer lines. Not all of these hazards are located by the free and mandatory Alberta One Call service. Not all are locatable by traditional methods.

Maverick specializes in the secondary or private locates. These are often facilities untraceable through traditional methods, on industrial or commercial sites, pipeline right-of ways, and sometimes sites that have poor or no records. Maverick specializes in challenges.

Maverick provides utility locates in Edmonton, St Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Fort McMurray, Sherwood Park, Lloydminster, and more.

We stand alone in our ability to deploy a wide range of technologies, cover difficult terrain, and provide results in formats beyond traditional field markings and sketches and including GIS and CAD deliverables.

We can bring in other technologies such as GPR, pipe camera systems, and other remote sensing options to round out our capabilities. We are not your grampa’s old Buick: we are not limited to traditional methods and equipment, and we are definitely not limited by the locate job scope or contract we can accomplish.



Whether mounted on a robotic crawler, a pipe camera, a video scope, an aerial drone or other platform, video inspection systems are a powerful tool for gathering information quickly and safely.

Maverick Inspection has been providing RVI services to Western Canada since 1994. We are the only service provider offering CSA Rated Explosion-proof camera systems.

Our decades of hands-on experience cover all types and sizes of industrial sites. We have accessed the internals of every type of pipe, vessel, tube, stack, chimney, tank and other equipment imaginable. We have performed retrievals, gathered samples, guided installations and assemblies, developed inspection plans, and sought out and introduced prototype inspection equipment.

Maverick provides pipe, vessel, and tube video camera inspection services to Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Whitecourt, Drayton Valley, and more.

We often deploy our crews before others have even returned your phone call or email. We modify and develop camera inspection systems if there is no existing option. We specialize in applications that other companies cannot even imagine attempting.

We add measurement software, retrieval and sampling tools, laser pipe profiling, and other accessories on an application-by-application basis. When faced with the unexpected on site, our technicians are not afraid to MacGuyver a solution to access a difficult area or scoop up a dropped tool. We have pulled out the duct tape and mechanic’s wire and got the job done when flashy technology wasn’t an option.



Call or email us. We are always happy to discuss your inspection scenarios. We can come out to your site for a presentation such as a lunch-and-learn or an information session crafted for your facility and challenges. You will always get an actual person when you phone Maverick, and a technician with the specific expertise you require will contact you ASAP to talk to you in person.


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