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Utility Locate Applications

What Can Specialized Utility Locates Include?

  • Metallic Gas Lines
  • PVC/ABS Plastic Plumbing Lines
  • Concrete Infrastructure Lines
  • Ferrous/Non-ferrous Data and Communications Networks
  • Active or Inactive Electrical Lines
  • Industrial Fire-Water and Drainage Systems
  • Underground Storage Systems
  • Curb Cocks
  • Warehouse and Commercial Building Systems
  • Underground Storage Tanks

From Edmonton, Maverick Inspection provides a wide range of utility locate sweeps and scans across Alberta.

What are typical private utility locating applications?

  • Environmental engineering projects, including borehole placements
  • Detailed mapping of subsurface systems including CAD or GIS drawings
  • Obtaining ground-disturbance permits
  • Pre-construction planning and development
  • Development on sites with existing facilities and infrastructure
  • Pipeline route selection
  • Locating plastic, ductile, HDPE, fibreglass and other non-conductive lines
  • Prior to critical crane lifts or movement of heavy equipment that can damage shallow utilities.

From Edmonton Alberta, Maverick provides utility locates in areas such as Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Fort Saskatchewan, Lloydminster and more.

Because subsurface utility locating employs remote sensing technology and is subject to interpretation and interference, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they understand what methods and equipment are available. Every utility locating technology or method has benefits and limitations. Our experience allows us to identify site-specific considerations and choose the correct approach to get the job done. As with all of Maverick’s services, the focus of utility locates is Safety, Diligence and Innovation.

Maverick Inspection Ltd. is a member of the Alberta Common Ground Alliance and the Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors.

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