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A Career in Inspection

Is Maverick the Right Fit for You?

Our diverse team of professionals could be your new home

At Maverick, we enjoy what we do and we excel at it. Every day our crews tackle new and unique inspection challenges. At Maverick, jobs become careers. From subsurface investigations to utility locates to industrial drone inspections, we become the industry leaders.

Our people are immersed in remote sensing technology, data analysis, reporting, interaction with clients, and promoting Safety, Diligence and Innovation.

We work on construction sites, industrial facilities, remote locations, office towers, cemeteries, shopping centres, government buildings, and more. We might hike through snow and mud one day, and then analyse the data and generate a detailed report from a workstation the next.

What would you bring to Maverick?

A career in inspection in Edmonton Alberta.

What is Working at Maverick Like?

Maverick is a modern workplace. We are diligent and professional, but we enjoy working in an environment where unique personalities are appreciated. Maverick is an unusual company, and we value what sets us apart.

We recognise the importance of a healthy work/life balance, but we know what it means to be a service company. We are dedicated to helping our clients. Maverick technicians travel across Western Canada, and sometimes internationally. Our crews work in almost every industry, and can put in some long hours. We continually learn and adapt as technology evolves and our clients’ needs change.

We train and mentor new technicians. We ask for input and involve our employees in the development of procedures and best practises. We work as an overall team, but we accomplish our inspection missions as fully field-capable crews. Our technicians are accustomed to job scopes that change on the fly, and they are not afraid of new and unusual inspection scenarios.

If this is the sort of workplace that appeals to you, then you should consider a career at Maverick.

How to Apply at Maverick

Look over our website and make sure you understand what we do and where we are located. Contact us and send a copy of your resume with a writing sample. You can write about anything that interests you, in your own words and about a page in length. If we have any opportunities that look like a good fit, we will follow up with you and get a conversation going.

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