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Research & Development began for Maverick in 1994: sourcing, customizing, developing and creating inspection tools because there was no other choice. In the beginning, we had a limited selection of options and we often had to create our own ways of accomplishing completely new inspection missions. In addition, we searched out innovators from around the world and introduced their technology and methods to our clients in Western Canada.

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You can read more about the history of Maverick Inspection on our Company Profile page.

We were never satisfied with the status quo. Even our first robotic crawler was a combination of the best features of American and Canadian inspection systems, coordinated through a custom control console.

Our inspection arsenal has improved exponentially since the beginning, including the only CSA Rated Explosion Proof remote video inspection systems in Canada, one of very few 50MHz Rough Terrain radar systems in North America, and a wide range of other inspection instruments, positioning systems, analysis software, and other tools and accessories.

Maverick creates custom inspection solutions from our R&D facility in Edmonton Alberta.

Read a Custom Development Solution Case Study describing an industrial inspection platform built under budget and ahead of deadline, surpassing features, durability, and adaptability of commercially available options.

From Alberta industry to oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, to crude storage tanks in Egypt to forensic archaeology in the Pacific WWII sites, we have innovated. From field improvisation and repair to producing new tools and methods, Maverick has developed the means to get results.

Read the Abandoned Well Locating Case Study.

You can read the Abandoned Well Locating Case Study on Maverick’s Case Studies Page.

Our need and ability to source out and develop specialized solutions continues. We now have a complete in-house metal fabrication facility, CAD and electronics capabilities, testing and training structures, and more. Our R&D services include:

  • helping clients set up equipment and procedures for in-house testing
  • field-testing new inspection systems
  • developing and modifying custom inspection systems
  • providing data-gathering support for product or process development
  • developing custom solutions for client inspection applications

Read about this historical R&D Application.

We have introduced prototype and unique technology to our clients specific to their needs including magnetic crawler camera systems, high-temperature camera systems for active furnaces and boilers, infrared-based gas leak imaging systems, measurement software, and specialized infrared inspection methods.

We have designed, built, and successfully used custom solutions including retrieval systems, flare stack video inspection tools, remote camera access platforms, laser profiling skids, measurement instruments, and other client-requested innovations.

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To learn more about Maverick’s Research & Development Team or to discuss your project, please contact our office at (780) 467-1606 or through our Contact Us page. The data Maverick gathers are intended to be analyzed, reviewed, evaluated and referenced by the appropriate engineering, geophysical, geological, archeological or other professionals, and Maverick is not engaged in the practice of, or licensed by, any of the foregoing professions.

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