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Safety message from Phil Bedard, President of Maverick Inspection Ltd.

 Maverick’s Safety Policy

Safety is an integral part of Maverick Inspection’s daily operations. The goal of our safety program is to protect our employees, clients, property, the public and the environment, and to provide an accident free workplace.

Maverick Inspection Ltd. is committed to ensuring that applicable safety regulations are incorporated into our safety program and all employees are aware of and comply with applicable legislation.

Everyone employed by Maverick Inspection Ltd. is responsible for working in a safe manner, following established health and safety rules, and maintaining the safety program.

Management and supervisor responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • identifying safety needs
  • informing workers of any existing hazards
  • establishing safe work procedures and ensuring that these procedures are being followed
  • providing training
  • investigating hazardous conditions and accidents
  • providing personal protective equipment
  • maintaining equipment and ensuring that it meets legislative safety standards.

Employee responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • working in a safe manner
  • following all health and safety rules and safe work procedures
  • wearing and using personal protective equipment when necessary
  • participating in safety training programs
  • informing supervisors of unsafe work conditions.

Employees, contractors and subcontractors who knowingly disregard safety rules may face disciplinary action, dismissal or legal action and will be held accountable for any problems created by their negligence. Visitors may also face legal action if they knowingly disregard safety rules.

Everyone has the right and responsibility to refuse to perform work if they believe that unsafe conditions exist and that doing the job would pose an imminent danger to them or their fellow workers.

By fulfilling our safety responsibilities, everyone who works for Maverick Inspection Ltd. will share the benefits of a safe workplace.


At Maverick,we recognise that the greatest assets of our organisation are the people and the environment where we work and live.

We believe that corporate culture, individual behaviour, accountability and a safe environment take attention and effort. We continually work with our clients and coworkers to foster diligence and safety in all aspects of our operation. Safety performance is evidence-based. We believe actions and attitudes determine incident rates, number of lost days, injury and illness, and damage to equipment, property, and the environment.

Pre-job Hazard Assessments are one of the essential elements of Maverick's safety program.

Every job performed by Maverick begins with a written assessment to determine hazards and associated risks prior to performing work. Everyone at Maverick is involved in developing and maintaining safe work practises, procedures, and task analyses.

Although compliance with client requirements, local standards, and applicable legislation is always necessary, we believe that these are only effective if safety is intrinsic to Maverick’s culture and operations. Our commitment to safety is never sacrificed for any other consideration, and our safety record reflects this dedication.

Examples of Maverick’s Field Technician training include:

  • First Aid & CPR
  • H2S Alive
  • ATV Rider Training
  • OSSA Mine Driving
  • OSSA Confined Space Training
  • OSSA Fall Arrest Training
  • OSSA Permit Training
  • OSSA Regional Training
  • Pipe and Utility Locating Training
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Defensive Driving and Bear Awareness.


Highlights and Affiliations

  • Work Safe Alberta Best Safety Performer
  • COR (Certificate of Recognition) through Certifying Partner ENFORM since 2005, with an outstanding safety culture since the 1990s, and company safety program that meets/ exceeds both industry standards and government set safety standards
  • Maverick Inspection has met the oil and gas industry standards for basic safety awareness training as evidenced through a IRP 16 membership with ENFORM more than a decade
  • Maverick’s Safety Officer is a Canadian registered safety professional

Partnerships in Health & Safety, IRP 16.Enform LogoWorkplace Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR)

Online with:

  • ISNetworld
  • CanQual
  • ComplyWorks
  • Avetta

Utility locating safety through best practises and working with CAPULC ABCGA.

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