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Remote Sensing for Subsurface Investigations

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Remote Sensing is the non-destructive collection of data using instrumentation. Maverick provides inspection services both above ground (with video inspection, infrared, LIDAR, photogrammetry, drone imaging, and other techniques) and below or subsurface. Positional systems such as robotic total stations and analysis software are used to add quantitative and qualitative detail. This information is tied together through georeferenced mapping, modeling, measurement and different formats of result reporting.

Edmonton Alberta's Maverick has provided inspection services to Western Canada since 1994.


Subsurface Remote Sensing Technologies


Ground-penetrating Radar or GPR service is not sonar, ultrasound, X-ray or ferroscan. GPR is a non-destructive method of locating and analysing subsurface structures by sending and receiving specific frequencies of radio waves. Maverick carries an inventory of specialized systems spanning 1.6 GHz to 50 MHz.

From Edmonton Alberta, Maverick deploys ground penetrating radar (GPR) as one of several remote sensing technologies.

Our selection of antennas is right for work scopes ranging from imaging and analyzing concrete structures on construction sites to collecting data from large scale superficial geological features for mining studies. We have been involved with utility, structural and civil engineering, forensic, archaeological, research, exploration, remediation, and other projects across Canada and around the world.

From Edmonton Alberta Maverick provides GPR data gathering and analysis.

Ground-penetrating Radar is an economical, safe and effective tool suitable for various industries including construction, oilfield, chemical, manufacturing, engineering, forensics and archaeology. Ground-penetrating radio signals are used to locate and analyse subsurface features embedded in and below concrete, soils, ice and other non-conductive materials.

Depending on the job scope, the results are interpreted in real time or the data is loaded into analysis software for more in-depth examination and reporting.


Electromagnetic (EM) Detection and Profiling

EM technology ranges from pin finders to utility locating systems to Electromagnetic Conductivity Profilers. Specific tools are selected for marking features on site versus providing qualitative and quantitative data that can be collected for further analysis and mapping.

From Edmonton Alberta, Maverick provides remote sensing such as electromagnetic conductivity profiling.

Maverick’s use of this technology ranges from construction and utility locating applications to industrial and geotechnical data gathering and analysis for engineering and geophysical clients.

From Edmonton Alberta, Maverick can provide EM profiling for analysis and mapping of subsurface features.



There are a range of instruments available for measuring and mapping magnetic variations. For instance, Maverick has used a Magnetic Gradiometer to measure changes in the local field strength (via the Overhauser Effect) as one of several abandoned well detection technologies.

From Edmonton Alberta Maverick provides remote sensing for subsurface investigations.

These technologies have gained in popularity for archaeological and other subsurface investigations. They are quick to deploy and can provide valuable feature mapping, however they require a high level of technical knowledge for diligent operation.



Maverick can provide a wide range of remote sensing solutions, depending on the site, scope, and project requirements. Seismic, acoustic detection, and many other options are available. The more we know about your needs and the site conditions, the better we can suit our services to your situation.


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