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Drone/UAV Inspections for Industrial Applications

Maverick provides industrial drone inspection services for equipment, piping, tanks, and stack internals. This capability is in addition to our traditional UAV/drone imaging.

From Edmonton Alberta, Maverick is a local inspection service provider with Flyability’s ELIOS, the world’s first collision-tolerant drone. This specialised remotely operated UAV is specifically designed for internal inspections on plant sites.

Elios is a drone designed specifically for industrial applications.


The Maverick Advantage

Maverick has a long history of introducing technology into Western Canada from leading international innovators. We chose Flyability’s ELIOS because it meets our standards of Safety, Diligence, and Innovation. Drones for commercial and industrial purposes have gathered a lot of interest, however the coolness factor or imaging capabilities often come at the cost of safety and practical concerns. ELIOS addresses these concerns.

Link to industrial drone inspection of compressor intake on YouTube.

See footage from a Compressor Intake Duct Drone Inspection on Maverick’s YouTube Channel.

Maverick understands the needs and requirements of Alberta’s industrial sites. We are a local company that has provided inspection services across Western Canada since 1994.

Maverick knows what aerial operations require. During his earlier military career, Maverick’s President Phil Bedard was stationed at CFB Cold Lake. He served with the Air Force in Aero Engine NDT, was President of the Cold Lake Remote Control Club, and owned the Cold Lake Chinook Ultralight Dealership.

Maverick’s Executive Director and R&D Team Lead, Warren Tessari, has worked extensively in remote visual and infrared applications including industrial process troubleshooting, furnace scans, building envelope and roof studies, flare tip research, and other industrial, commercial, and research projects.

During his years at with Maverick, he has performed many aerial surveys from both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft for pipeline inspections and leak detection, forestry brush pile scans, wildlife studies, mine site and exploration mapping, and aerial photography.

Phil and Warren are actively involved in both application development and technician training for Maverick’s Remote Video Inspection Department’s UAV/Drone division.


Benefits of Maverick’s Industrial UAV/Drone Inspections

  • Access Maverick’s decades of commercial and industrial data-gathering experience
  • Maverick’s aerial drone services are focused on internal inspections, not just over-flight capabilities
  • Combine industrial drone services with traditional remote video inspection, infrared thermography, utility locating and subsurface investigations for shutdowns and turnarounds
  • Maverick has experience with analysing and presenting data including measurement software and CAD modelling
  • Maverick has a history of customising inspection solutions for unique, real-life applications
  • Maverick has the training and qualifications needed to safely and professionally provide services on your site

Maverick Inspection adds industrial drone inspection to its specialised non-destructive testing services.


Industrial Drone Inspection Applications Include

  • Aerial thermal imaging of roofs, tanks, vessels, and other structures
  • Aerial video imaging and mapping of pipeline routes and yards
  • Internal inspections of tanks, vessels, piping, stacks and chimneys
  • Complementing utility locates and subsurface imaging for creating facility maps and plans

Maverick's industrial drone inspection services are ideal for flare stack and chimney internal imaging.


Traditional UAV/Drone Inspections and Other Services Available

Maverick can provide aerial inspections with traditional UAVs (such as photogrammetry and aerial mapping), offer CSA-rated Explosion Proof camera inspections, perform utility locating and mapping, subsurface imaging, CAD and GIS drawings, geomatics, and more.

From Edmonton, Alberta, Maverick performs commercial and industrial drone inspection services.

Contact Maverick Inspection for more information regarding ELIOS, aerial commercial and industrial drone inspection services, and other remote sensing and specialised non-destructive testing.


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