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Infrared Thermography

Maverick has provided infrared thermography in Western Canada since 2000. This specialized inspection and data-gathering method has been a perfect fit with both our Remote Video Inspection and
Ground-penetrating Radar Departments.The combination of expertise in all of these fields has allowed Maverick to provide complementary data for applications such as building science, industrial processes,
research and development, and specialized utility and subsurface feature locates.

Maverick’s infrared technicians are trained to Level I & II industry standards, and our additional in-house mentoring and training system ensures that expertise, best practices, and application knowledge are shared and continually developed.

What is Infrared Thermography?

Thermography and thermal imaging are the use of camera systems to detect and analyze thermal radiation from the surface of objects.
Thermal imagers are portable and handheld, and the images can both be interpreted on-site as well as loaded into software for additional analysis and formal reporting. Thermography is a very powerful detection and diagnosis
tool for troubleshooting, predictive and preventative maintenance programs, and vanguard data gathering complementing other disciplines.

A thermographic or infrared survey is a well-established non-destructive testing method that provides a real-time analysis of an object’s apparent temperature gradient. Thermographic imaging systems observe the infrared radiation emitted from the object’s surface to identify thermal anomalies and calculate precise temperatures. Since everything around us is constantly losing heat to the atmosphere in the form of this invisible infrared radiation, the inspection applications are only limited by the imagination.

What is Thermography typically used for?

• Identifying problem areas in electrical and mechanical systems
• Analyzing building envelopes and membrane systems
• Troubleshooting industrial process and storage systems
• Specialized utility locates such as infloor heating systems
• Furnace and boiler refractory surveys
• Research and development data collection

Maverick has also used infrared technology for projects such as electronics manufacturing, wildlife studies, veterinarian imaging, aircraft structure analysis, alloy temperature measurement in structures such as flare tips and power turbines, and other unique applications.
Our images have been used for studies and education material for topics including drinking water storage, building engineering, and facility maintenance.

What benefits does thermography bring?

• Scans are typically performed during normal operating conditions and do not interrupt processes
• Real-time operating data can be collected and analyzed to troubleshoot systems
• Scans can be performed before and after basic repairs to electrical and mechanical systems to prevent failures and unplanned outages, often during the same visit
• Problem areas are often quickly identified and narrowed down to minimize further investigative costs including destructive testing and downtime
• Qualitative and quantitative baselines can be set to monitor ongoing performance of systems
• Facility insurance and maintenance costs can be reduced through regular infrared monitoring

The Value of Thermography

Certified Thermographers using infrared imaging systems are a key component of comprehensive Predictive Maintenance Programs. Thermography passively detects the thermal signatures of problems before they become failures and allows for non-invasive analysis of a wide range of facility processes. Thermography enables online predictive and preventative maintenance, preventing costly interruption of plant operations. Programs that consistently use infrared thermography limit downtime by preventing unplanned shutdowns and by streamlining repair and maintenance planning. The resulting cost-saving and safety benefits of this type of examination include energy savings, the protection of equipment and capital investment, reduced insurance premiums, quick pinpointing and diagnosis of problem areas, establishing repair priorities, and setting quality standards.

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We have experience with electrical systems, process problems, reasearch and development scenarios, rotating equipment, steam systems, veterinarian applications, and a wide range of other inspection options.

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