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Infrared (IR) Applications

Application diversity is one reason why many companies value Infrared Thermography as a key component of their Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Programs. Most applications require certain skills, experience, and special accessories for accurate thermographic surveying and monitoring
Infrared technology is used extensively in industrial and manufacturing facilities for troubleshooting, monitoring, and trending equipment, processes, and systems. As with Maverick’s other technology, the data can be interpreted in real time for many applications, and is often loaded into software for more advanced analysis and reporting.

What are Typical Infrared (IR) Applications?

Applications (IRT)

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Infrared Research and Development

Maverick Inspection is often involved in Research and Development projects. This includes:

  • helping clients set up equipment and procedures for in-house testing
  • field-testing new inspection systems
  • developing and modifying custom inspection systems
  • providing data-gathering support for product or process development
  • developing custom solutions for client inspection applications

We have experience with electrical systems, process problems, research and development scenarios, rotating equipment, steam systems, veterinarian applications, and a wide range of other inspection options. We have performed these types of services using Remote Video Inspection, Ground-penetrating Radar, Infrared Thermography, Laser Pipe Profiling and other technologies.