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Wet Roof Insulation

Infrared Thermography or IR imaging scanning can observe conditions on power systems, refractory insulation problems, determine build up in process vessels, building envelopes, heat loss in homes. IR scanning is great for developing a PMP on boiler systems and other frequent equipment needing observations. Infrared excels to look at in-floor heating prior to concrete coring or cutting. IR also detects for electrical panels and power supply units such as bearings in motors heat signatures We are located in the Edmonton Area and cover all video inspection work in Western Canada, Alberta and the Oil Sands in Fort McMurray.

This image shows wet insulation on a roof. During the day, the sun will warm the roof, and this energy is stored in the thermal mass of the water after the sun’s energy is removed. At this point, the wet insulation appears as a hot spot. In the morning, the sun warms the roof again,and wet material takes longer to warm up, appearing as a cold area. At some point during the day and during the night, thermal equilibrium will occur, making the indication disappear