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Laser Measurement for Remote Video Inspections

Internal Laser Profiling of pipe defects, build-up, and more.

Laser measurement of 5″ and greater piping is an option with Maverick’s Remote Video Inspection services. Laser pipe profiling allows for the collection of quantitative data related to the inside surface of a pipe or pipeline.

This technology complements the detailed video recording of the pipe’s internal features and conditions captured during a robotic camera inspection. Analysis software is used to provide a colour-coded presentation of variances, three-dimensional modelling, and a workable spreadsheet containing measured internal dimensions.


Laser Pipe Profiling Summary

  • The Laser Pipe Profiler is a stand-alone, snap-on instrument for use with a CCTV robotic camera inspection system.
  • Analysis software provides quantitative data and creates pipeline reports, including fault measurements and internal pipe features.
  • The Laser Pipe Profiler calculates pipe and lateral sizes, water levels, defects, build-up and other features.
  • The technology performs an automatic analysis of pipe ovality and capacity at a rate of 30 measurements per second.
  • Maverick deploys the laser profiler in lines ranging from 5″ to 48″ in diameter.

Laser profiling adds on to remote video inspection crawlers to measure piping defects.

Common Laser Profiling Applications

  • Determination of the structural shape, cross sectional area and defects.
  • Estimation of build-up and debris quantity.
  • Calculation of pipe capacity before and/or after cleaning.
  • Rehabilitation/replacement design information to improve selection of method.
  • Post rehabilitation verification of lining and subsequent capacity.


Results Provided by Laser Profiling

Clear & Quantitative Measurement for:

  • Pipe size, laterals, slopes, ovality and capacity
  • Water levels, sediment depth and debris quantity
  • Structural shape, cross-sectional area and defects
  • Corrosion and overall life expectancy
  • Material loss

Laser profiling is used to measure pipe ovality, deformations, coating and wall loss, build-up, etc.


Structural Pipe Integrity Analysis:

  • 1 million measurements every 4 minutes
  • 5 inch to 48 inch in diameter
  • Free software viewer for the end customer
  • Supports various pipe shapes
  • Built-in observations report
  • Flat, unfolded report
  • Automatic debris calculator
  • Exports to standard modeling formats
  • 3000 ft. per page reporting

Three-Dimensional (3-D) Display:

The pipe data can be displayed as a fully interactive three-dimensional model. The user has the ability to zoom in and move around the model to find and display points of interest. Reporting is available using the Profile Report. The model can be displayed using two methods.

From the laser measurements, Maverick creates a 3-D model for the end user to zoom, rotate, and move around.


Topographic Display:

A user defined topographic scale is having been exceeded. In this example, the red rings highlight where the actual pipe radius is greater than the expected internal radius (shades of yellow, orange and red) or less than the expected internal radius (three shades of blue).

Laser pipe profiling topographic display showing areas greater and less than expected pipe radius.


Capacity and Ovality Display:

Cross-sectional colouring allows users to easily locate sections of pipe where user the defined ovality and a capacity threshold has been exceeded. This allows for quick analysis of laser profiling results.

Laser measurements of pipe ovality and capacity are easily compared to user threshold values.


Click here to see some sample reports generated using Maverick Inspection Ltd.’s 3D Laser Profiling System.

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