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Maverick has been providing industrial camera inspection services to Western Canada since 1994. We are the only service provider offering CSA Rated Explosion-proof camera systems.

Pipe camera inspection, CCTV inspection, borescope inspection, industrial drone inspection.

Whether mounted on a robotic crawler, a pipe camera, a video scope, an industrial drone or other platform, video inspection systems (also called CCTV inspection systems) are a powerful tool for gathering information quickly and safely.

Our decades of hands-on experience cover all types and sizes of industrial sites. We have accessed the internals of every type of pipe, vessel, tube, stack, chimney, tank and other equipment imaginable. We have performed retrievals, gathered samples, guided installations and assemblies, developed inspection plans, and sought out and introduced prototype inspection equipment.

From Edmonton Alberta, Maverick can create custom industrial video inspection and camera inspection solutions.

Want to know more about Maverick’s R&D capabilities for our clients’ inspection applications? Read a Custom Solution Development Case Study.We’ll show you an example of a modular, industrial system built for drainage system inspections. Not only was it exactly what the technicians needed, it was built well under budget and deadline constraints.

For more than two decades, we have provided camera inspections across Alberta and Western Canada from Edmonton to Fort McMurray, Medicine Hat, Lloydminster, Bonnyville, Calgary, Fort Saskatchewan, Red Deer, Rainbow Lake, and in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories. We have travelled across Canada and internationally to provide our CCTV inspection expertise.

Maverick Inspection provides industrial camera services to Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Fort Saskatchewan, Lloydminster, Drayton Valley, Whitecourt and more.



  • Process pipe camera inspection
  • Heat exchanger tube and shell-side inspection
  • Pressure vessel internals
  • Storage tanks
  • Stacks & chimney
  • Industrial drone inspection
  • Sewer & drainage systems
  • Rotating equipment such as turbines and gear boxes
  • Furnace & boiler tubes
  • Pipelines
  • Gathering & injection systems

Maverick has provided camera inspection services in Alberta since 1994.

We often deploy our crews before others have even returned your phone call or email. We modify and develop camera inspection systems if there is no existing option. We specialize in applications that other companies cannot even imagine attempting.

We add measurement software, retrieval and sampling tools, laser pipe profiling, and other accessories on an application-by-application basis. When faced with the unexpected on site, our technicians are not afraid to MacGuyver a solution to access a difficult area or scoop up a dropped tool. Even though we offer the latest inspection options, we have pulled out the duct tape and mechanic’s wire and got the job done when flashy technology wasn’t an option.

Pipe cameras, CCTV cameras, borescopes, crawlers for turnarounds, shutdowns, maintenance, and other inspections.



  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE. Maverick has been performing industrial services, and sourcing and developing technology since 1994.
  • HAVING TECHNOLOGY ON HAND. Maverick has a vast range of remote visual solutions from many suppliers, including robotic pan & tilt cameras, pipe cameras, drop cameras, aerial inspection drones, and small diameter video scopes.
  • CUSTOM SOLUTIONS FOR UNIQUE SITUATIONS. Maverick has assisted clients with creating inspection execution plans, safe work procedures, and application-specific inspection methods. In addition to our in-house design and fabrication capabilities, Maverick has strong relationships with a chain of suppliers.
  • RELIABILITY. Maverick has qualified service technicians in-house and a rigorous program of testing, calibrating, and maintaining all of its systems. Despite all of its tough missions, even our first robotic crawler from 1995 is still operating and available for niche applications.
  • TRAINING & QUALIFICATIONS BEYOND THE  BASICS. Maverick RVI technicians are required to work under the supervision of senior personnel for at least one year before assuming the responsibility of on-site data collection. Maverick’s video inspection technicians are NASSCO certified with the knowledge of PACP (Pipeline Assessment & coding), MACP (Manhole Assessment & coding) and LACP (Lateral Assessment & coding). We not only know how to operate the equipment, but how to optimize data gathering for specific site conditions and requirements. In addition, we have the safety, compliance, quality, insurance and other qualifications in place to be and approved vendor for all levels of industry in Western Canada.

Borescopes, video scopes, pipe cameras, crawlers, CCTV inspections, industrial video inspection.



  • Camera inspection provides a unique opportunity to look inside equipment or vessels that would otherwise be impossible, difficult or unsafe to access including tubes, pressure vessels, mechanical components and confined spaces.
  • Disassembly of site components is limited to providing access for inspection systems, so confirmation of internal conditions, pinpointing problem areas, and planning for maintenance, cleaning or repairs is more efficient and more effective.
  • For emergency troubleshooting, the equipment is portable and can quickly provide data to improve the safety of unplanned shutdown tasks and streamline decision making to minimise downtime.
  • For some applications, in addition to capturing qualitative images, we can provide quantitative measurements and record dimensions and characteristics related to corrosion pitting, cracks, small-scale defects, scale thickness, joint gaps, tube pitting, refractory loss and weld defects.
  • Used extensively during both commissioning and mothballing for due diligence to ensure that piping and vessels are free from foreign objects and to provide a video recording of internal conditions.
  • Remote Video Inspection helps eliminate exposure to hazardous environments such as confined spaces and explosive or toxic atmospheres.



Contact Us. We are always happy to discuss your inspection scenarios. We can come out to your site for a presentation such as a lunch-and-learn or an information session crafted for your facility and challenges. You will always get an actual person when you phone Maverick, and a technician with the specific expertise you require will contact you ASAP to talk to you in person.

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