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RVI Video & Imagery Gallery

Video Inspection: Seeing is Believing

Maverick has been providing Remote Video Inspection (RVI) Services in Western Canada since 1994. This collection of videos and images spans over two decades, and they represent only a small sample of the information we have provided for our clients. Contact Us to discuss your site’s RVI applications or to book a crew of Alberta’s most experienced Remote Visual Technicians.

Maverick provides video inspection camera services to Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Fort Saskatchewan, Lloydminster, Drayton Valley, Red Deer, Joffre, Whitecourt, Calgary, and more.

Heat Exchangers & Process Coolers


These images were captured using small diameter video scopes and borescopes. Maverick carries an arsenal of various-sized probes for tube and shell side inspections on heat exchangers, process coolers and condensers.

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Pipelines & Compressors

Pipelines and Compressors

The pictures in this gallery were DVR captured using a variety of robotic crawlers and push-type pipe cameras. These pipeline applications vary including systems such as injection lines, gas lines and emulsion lines.

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Power Systems & Rotating Equipment

Power Systems and rotating Equipment

These areas of interest were accessed using a combination of small diameter video scopes and PTZ cameras. The images consist of turbine blades, gearboxes and engine cylinders.

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Process Vessels & Reactors

Pressure Vessels

This gallery showcases features and defects captured using robotic PTZ cameras and video scopes. To access these pressure vessels, Maverick inserted video equipment through flanges, thread-o-lets, man-ways and small piping. The resulting images include tower trays, bubble caps, demister pads and foreign object retrievals.

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Flares, Stacks & Chimneys

Stacks and Chimneys

These images were captured by  lowering down a robotic pan, tilt and zoom camera from the top of the stacks by means of a man-basket to view the stack internals and shell. Maverick also develops custom deployment systems for these types of applications.

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Boilers & Furnaces

Boilers and Furnaces

The pictures in this gallery were captured inside of mud & steam drum down-comers, boiler tubes, burners, steam headers and fire tubes.

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Drainage Systems

Underground Drainage Systems

These pictures were taken in various drainage systems using explosion proof systems. They include images of underground drain lines, clean-outs, man-holes, and sewer connections.

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Process Piping & Valves

Process Piping and Valves

These images show internal conditions inside process piping accessed through flanges, pipe spool pieces removed, thread-o-lets and valves. Maverick often uses CSA Rated Explosion-Proof Video Camera Systems for these inspections.

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Storage & Underground Tanks

Oil Refinery Tanks

This gallery displays the internal conditions inside of flare knocks, drums, sump vaults and storage tanks. Maverick uses larger robotic systems to deploy inside these larger tanks and vessels to observe internals, coatings and fouling.

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Sulphur Pits

Sulphur Pits

These images were taken from video inspections inside of live production and drained sulphur pits using nitrogen cooled pan/tilt/zoom cameras. The use of explosion proof cameras is an option that Maverick offers to its clients, including the only CSA Rated Explosion-Proof Video Camera Systems. The sulphur pit pictures show support beams, retaining walls, ceiling areas and sumps.

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Non-Contact & Laser Measuring

Non Contact and Laser Measurement

These pictures show Maverick’s capabilities to measure various defects using a combination of non-contact and laser measurement software. There are images of in-pipe video, reporting options, and custom deployment configurations.

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Refractory, Coatings & Welds

Refractory and Internal Coatings

These inspection samples showcase various defects of internal coatings inside of tanks and pipelines, refractory damages in furnaces and weld anomalies or deficiencies.

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Engineering Support

Civil Engineering Projects

Maverick often supplies data-gathering support for engineers, geoscientists and other professionals. In this gallery, there are sample images from different construction, rehabilitation, and other engineering projects.

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