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Stack Inspection with Industrial Drones & Robotic Drop Cameras

This gallery contains stack inspection images and videos from video investigations of vertical stacks & chimneys. Typical applications include furnaces, boilers, flare systems and incinerators. Depending on accessibility, we provide both industrial drone inspections, and tethered robotic pan and tilt camera inspections. We have also developed custom solutions for specific scenarios.

Alberta's Maverick inspects flares, stacks, and chimneys in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Fort McMurray, Whitecourt, Drayton Valley, Lloydminster, Red Deer, Joffre, Fort St John and more.

Remote Video Inspection (RVI) is the use of camera systems to image the internals of structures, equipment, and components that are otherwise inaccessible due to physical configurations, safety concerns, or other limitations. From Edmonton Alberta, Maverick has a proven video inspection service track record including rapid response emergency services, working with our clients to plan RVI requirements for turnarounds, assisting in the development of predictive maintenance execution plans, and sourcing out or developing unique inspection technology.

Video Gallery


This video shows the internal condition of the refractory in an incinerator stack. The video inspection revealed that the refractory had multiple cracks and fractures in the field joint area. The information was provided to integrity and engineering personnel for repair determinations.
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