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The following images & videos were captured using various sizes of small diameter flexible video scopes and borescopes. Maverick uses inspection systems such as these flexible probes to access areas of interest through small openings and gather data in equipment internals and small piping. Video inspections on both the tube and shell sides of heat exchangers & process coolers include observations such as  cleanliness, general conditions,  corrosion, and erosion. These powerful imaging tools are often enhanced by measuring capabilities.

Video Scope Equipment for Small Tubes

Remote Video Inspection (RVI) is the use of camera systems to image the internals of structures, equipment, and components that are otherwise inaccessible due to physical configurations, safety concerns, or other limitations. Maverick has a proven video inspection service track record including rapid response emergency services, working with our clients to plan RVI requirements for turnarounds, assisting in the development of predictive maintenance execution plans, and sourcing out or developing unique inspection technology.