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Remote Video Inspection (RVI) sometimes involves quantifying features and defects such as scale thicknesses, true internal diameters, capacities, deflections, corrosion and erosion depths, cracks and other anomalies.These samples demonstrate some of Maverick’s video-based measurement capabilities. The images and videos were captured using a variety of systems, including small diameter video scopes, push-type pipe cameras, and robotic video crawlers.

Video Gallery

Laser Pipe Profiling PVC

This is a short video of laser pipe profiling in a PVC pipe with deformations.

Laser Pipe Profiling Carbon Steel

This video is in 2 segments from either end of the pipe, one profiling with lights off and the other with lights on.
The video shows the laser illumination ring on the pipe wall. There is a noticeable change in the shape in two areas where the light is deflected by ovality.
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