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Maverick started inspecting process piping & valves in 1994 with our first video scopes and robotic crawler systems. We have continued to bring together new technology with industry’s needs, and now offer CSA rated explosion-proof systems, measurement software, custom delivery platforms, and more.

Process Piping & Valves Video Gallery

Sulphur Blower / Transfer Line

This video shows a check valve in the closed position. There appears to be a slight seal defect.
There are also signs of sulphur contamination in the line due to moisture in the system.

Well Disposal Line

Low PH water and other waste from gas fields need to be transferred by pipelines to storage facilities. The piping to transfer these liquids is internally coated with an epoxy paint which is designed for corrosive products. As with any paint coverings, they eventually dis-bond, peel, crack or blister. In this video, the riser section of the line is showing all of these characteristics of deterioration from years in production.

Check Valve Inspection

Video inspection tools can quickly scout to confirm if components are intact and in place. In this short video, the inspection was carried out to verify the position of the check valve.
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