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This gallery contains sample images and videos of internal coating issues inside of tanks and pipelines, refractory damages in furnaces, and weld defects. Robotic pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras, pipe cameras, and other Remote Video Inspection (RVI) systems were used to perform this work.

Maverick provides video camera inspection services to Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Fort Saskatchewan, Lloydminster, Red Deer, Joffre, Drayton Valley, Calgary & more.


Video Gallery

Well Disposal Line Defective Coating

Low PH water and other waste from gas fields needs to be transferred by means of pipelines to storage facilities. The piping to transfer these liquids is internally coated with an epoxy paint which is designed for corrosive products. As with any paint coverings, it can eventually dis-bond, peel, crack or blister. In this video, the riser section of the line is showing all of these characteristics of deterioration from years in production. Once identified, rehabilitation is a simple fix for these types of lines.

Gas Pipeline with Liner Defects

This video was from a gas pipeline inspection. There was suspected liner damage, and an area was identified where the poly liner appeared to have collapsed. A CSA rated explosion-proof robotic crawler was used since the atmosphere in line included hydrogen sulfide and other flammable gases.

Pipeline Internal Liner Damages

This video shows the entire length of the pipeline. Liner damage was noted, and the client prioritized this leg for immediate repairs. Video crawlers are often used for pipeline inspections, due to their abilities to travel long distances and provide realtime video evidence of internal conditions.

How to Apply Mortar on Field Joints Using Video Inspection Crawlers

This refractory-lined carbon steel pipe had field joints internally sealed with mortar. When the two sections of pipe were fitted together, excess mud protruded after the squeeze. Video inspection was used to confirm that the excessive mud was removed and that the field joint had no gaps or missing mortar.

Injection Line Coating Defects

This video shows the integrity of the cement lining of a pipeline. The lining has failed, exposing the carbon steel walls. The client prioritized this line for repairs to prevent corrosion of the pipe. A CSA rated explosion-proof robotic pan and tilt camera was used to capture the internal conditions of this water/oil injection line.

Blast Furnace Refractory Inspection

This video shows a steel mill blast furnace downcomer piping to the dust collector pot. The inspection was used to observe the conditions of the internal refractory within the five foot diameter piping. The job scope included determining whether any excessive spalled areas existed. A robotic pan and tilt camera was used for this inspection, since manned entry into this piping would raise many safety concerns.

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