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The following images and videos show remote video inspections from acid gas knock outs, flare knock outs, dump tanks, butane spheres, condensate bullets and vaults. The majority of these camera inspections were carried out using various explosion-proof robotic crawlers , PTZ camera heads and push systems with DVR recording capabilities.

Maverick provides video camera inspection services to Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Fort Saskatchewan, Lloydminster, Red Deer, Joffre, Drayton Valley, Calgary & more.

Video Gallery

Water Cistern Tank Inspection

Water cisterns are well-suited for remote locations where ground water is scarce. Cisterns are often used to provide water for drinking, sanitation, and other needs. This video shows ground water contamination entering at the transition from the well section barrel to the holding tank. There are clear indications of a circumferential crack and fracture of the concrete where water is infiltrating the tank.

Concrete Sump Tank Inspection

A PTZ camera was deployed down inside a 40 year old sump tank. The inspection was required to determine the integrity of the concrete walls. The video shows one area of the wall with multiple cracks.

Underground Knock-out - Video Inspection

This underground flare knock-out was believed to have had a small explosion. This may have blown out the gasket on one of the down-comer flanges. The bolts also appear to be backed off. The other scene shows the opposite down-comer welded section at the top of the shell.

Fouled Underground Tank

A large, intrinsically safe camera was lowered down from the man-way access to determine the general condition and cleanliness of this underground tank. The level downcomer appears to be missing, although the float is still intact. The bottom floor of the tank was fouled and required cleaning prior to final inspection.

Coker Drum Liner Defects

The video shows multiple liner defects at the transition spool area just before the delta valve. Coke deposits are clearly seen behind the liner, contributing to the deformation and warping of the liner. The liner fastener clip is also visibly broken in the deformed area.
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