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Sulphur pits present many unique inspection challenges, especially while in they are service. Maverick provides inspection systems such nitrogen-cooled pan, tilt & zoom cameras for these scenarios. Explosive gases and other hazards often require the use of explosion-proof systems, even if the tank is not in service. These sulphur pit videos and images show areas such as support beams, concrete walls, ceilings, sumps, and other internals.

Video Gallery

Sulphur Pit Damages

This video shows various areas within the concrete sulphur (or sulfur) pit with material loss. Rebar in the pit walls is clearly exposed. This remote video inspection was an excellent means of assessing the pit condition, and eliminated the need for human confined space entry.

Live Sulphur Pit Inspection

This video inspection shows the sulphur pit while in normal operation.The video camera inspection was part of an evaluation prior to an outage to see whether any repairs would be required. The internal temperature of the sulphur pit was 180 degrees Celsius. The video showed that a small portion of the concrete ceiling was thinning and the main supports also had a loss of material. Exposed rebar was noted on the concrete retaining walls due to high concentrations of H2S/ SO2 during years of operation.
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