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UAV/Done Program

UAV/DRONES/RPAS/UAS. However you name them, drones are gaining widespread use in the area of remote video inspection. They add great value to inspections as they increase overall safety, save time collecting data and provide high quality information.

Maverick Inspection Ltd. offers an array of UAV services to complement our remote video inspection and subsurface investigation departments. We intend to lead the UAV service industry by developing a system of best practices in the field or aerial inspection. Through the use of the latest UAVs Maverick Inspection will pave a way forward in future applications.

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is a tool used to deploy various instrumentation, measurement and photography equipment into spaces where a human would not be able to readily access. UAVs go by many different titles and are also called Drones, Unmanned Arial Systems (UAS) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). UAVs are generally deployed in external airspace, which is controlled by NAV Canada and the Civil Air Regulations (CARs). The CARs, section 9, define how and by whom RPAS are deployed in external environments. UAVs are also deployed into internal spaced, such as tanks and vessels. This type of operation mitigates risk to manned entry teams, to provide meaningful data and to save time and resources in data acquisition. The CARs, in general, do not apply to internal airspace. However, many elements, such as flight planning, pilot proficiency, and familiarity with the application are important to successful flight operations. Maverick Inspection maintains externally qualified pilots for internal environments.

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