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Drone/UAV Inspections for Industrial Applications

Maverick offers an array of UAV services to compliment our inspection capabilities. Drone technologies are gaining widespread use, especially in the area of remote inspection.  Along with providing high quality data from hard to reach areas, drones also de-risk confined space entries and assist with the prioritization of manned inspection.

Based in Alberta, Maverick employs the highly automated, DJI “Matrice 300 RTK” for external applications along with the Flyability “Elios 2” for internal inspection. These UAVs represent some of the most advanced enterprise level equipment that are available on the market.

A comprehensive UAV Operations Program is combined with the best in class equipment, which encompasses the procedures for mission planning, operations and data processing.

The Maverick Advantage

Maverick understands the needs and requirements of Alberta’s industrial sites. We are a local company that has provided inspection services across Western Canada since 1994.

Maverick’s Executive Director and R&D Team Lead, Warren Tessari, has worked extensively in remote visual and infrared applications including industrial process troubleshooting, furnace scans, building envelope and roof studies, flare tip research, and other industrial, commercial, and research projects.

During his years at with Maverick, he has performed many aerial surveys from both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft for pipeline inspections and leak detection, forestry brush pile scans, wildlife studies, mine site and exploration mapping, and aerial photography.

Benefits of Maverick’s Industrial UAV/Drone Inspections

  • Access Maverick’s decades of commercial and industrial data-gathering experience
  • Maverick’s aerial drone services are comprehensive, with the ability to complete external and internal missions.
  • Combine traditional remote video inspection services, utility locating and subsurface investigations with drone photography, videography, infrared thermography, photogrammetry, mapping for shutdowns and turnarounds
  • Utilize Maverick’s experience with analyzing and presenting data including measurement software and CAD modelling
  • Maverick has a history in the customization of inspection solutions for unique, real-life applications
  • Maverick has the training and qualifications needed to safely and professionally provide services on your site.

Industrial Drone Inspection Applications Include

  • Thermal imaging of roofs, tanks, vessels, and building envelopes
  • Aerial video imaging and mapping of pipeline routes and yards
  • Confined space inspections of tanks, vessels, piping, stacks and chimneys, sinkholes and storm drains
  • Creation of photogrammetry and orthomosaics over areas of interest
  • Automated routine inspections of local or remote fixed assets
  • Bridge structure and deck inspections
  • Video and Thermal imaging of electrical substation
  • Active wind turbine photography/videography
  • Tower and crane inspections
  • Solar farm and roof top panel inspections

Maverick's industrial drone inspection services are ideal for flare stack and chimney internal imaging.

De-Risk Restricted Access Inspections

Maverick can provide confined space video inspections without stepping foot in the restricted environment using the Elios 2.  As a collision tolerant system, the Elios 2 provides 4K resolution and thermal imaging inside vessels, tanks, rafters, refractories and stacks. Data collected from these missions can be used to create 3D models which provide an easier way to visualize data. Additionally, the data can be delivered via CAD and GIS formats, to ensure that that it is readily available to integrate into existing projects.

Contact Maverick Inspection for more information regarding the DJI Matrice 300 RTK, Flyability Elios 2 and additional commercial and industrial drone inspection services.

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