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Drone/UAV Inspections for Industrial Applications

Maverick Inspection Ltd. offers an array of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) to complement our terrestrial inspection capabilities. Remote video inspection technologies are gaining wide spread use in many different industries. The drone technologies adds to the value of traditional inspection by saving time during the inspection process and eliminating risk to personal on the jobsite.

Maverick Inspection at the work site

Based in Alberta, Maverick Inspection Ltd. maintains a fleet of inspection RPAS for both Internal and External applications. The UAVs represent some of the most advanced, enterprise level equipment that are available on the market. The UAV Team operates under a comprehensive UAV Operations Program that is combined with the best-in-class equipment along with well established procedures in mission planning, operations and data processing. The Maverick Inspection Ltd. UAV Operations Program maintains compliance with the Civil Air Regulations that govern Canadian airspace.

The Maverick Advantage

Maverick Inspection understands the needs and requirements of Alberta’s industrial sites. We are a local company that had provided inspection services across Western Canada since 1994.

Benefits of Maverick’s Industrial UAV/Drone Inspections

  • Access to Maverick’s decades of commercial and industrial data-gathering experience
  • Maverick’s Industrial Drone Inspection Services are comprehensive, with the ability to complete external and internal inspections.
  • Combine traditional remote video inspection services, utility locating and subsurface investigations with drone photogrammetry, videography, infrared thermography, UAV magnetometry and multispectral sensors.
  • Utilize Maverick’s experience with analyzing and presenting data including measurement software and CAD modeling
  • Maverick has a history of preparing customized inspection solutions for demanding, unique real-world applications.
  • Maverick has the training and qualifications required to safely and professionally provide services on your site.

Industrial Drone Inspection Applications Include

  • Confined space inspections of tanks, vessels, piping, stacks and chimneys, process equipment, headers, pipelines, subsurface vessels, sinkholes and storm drains
  • Thermal imaging of roofs, tanks, vessels and building envelopes
  • Aerial Imaging and mapping site infrastructure, pipelines and ROWs.
  • Creation of Maps, Digital Surface Models, Digital Elevation Models, Digital Terrain Models, point clouds and 3D models.
  • Automated routine inspections
  • Methane leak detection along with other VOCs.
  • Visual Inspection of infrastructure including bridges, manways, platforms ladders and decks.
  • Flare Inspections
  • Building Envelope Inspections
  • Solar panel inspections
  • Electrical Transmission and distribution line inspections

Confined Space Drone Inspections

By Utilizing a collision tolerant UAV Maverick can provide support for visual inspection teams without having to enter the confined space. The Elios 2 provides 4K resolution within the vessel and images are transferred in real time to an inspector familiar with the equipment. Data from the drone flight can be used to create 3D models which provide insight to the overall condition of the vessel. Data can be delivered in raw format post flight and be curated into a .pdf summary report that is easily distributed to the right team members.

Contact Maverick Inspection for more information regarding the DJI Matrice 300 RTK, Flyability Elios 2 and additional commercial and industrial drone inspection services.