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UAV Deployed Laser Methane Detection

Maverick Inspection uses a DJI Matrice 300 RTK equipped with a laser methane detector to provide methane detection for industrial and agricultural sites.

By using the DJI Matrice 300 RTK equipped with the Laser Falcon, results from a methane detection flight survey can be delivered in real time. The UAV is programmed to fly in a grid above the target area and can be used to locate methane leaks during flight operations. Using the DJI H20T RGB and Thermal camera, the source of methane could be pinpointed during the same flight, allowing decision makers to access results within the same day.

Laser Falcon

Laser Methane detection is based on the utilization of a laser absorption spectrophotometer for methane gas measurement. The system detects methane leaks by emitting a laser wavelength specific to methane gas and analyzing the light reflected from the ground to determine how much light was absorbed by the methane. The light absorbed by the methane cloud is proportional to methane column density.

Laser Falcon

Flight Path

Typically two flights are carried out to complete data collection. The first flight occurs to collect photos to create an 2D orthomosaic of the survey area. A second flight deploys the Laser Falcon to collect methane data. RTK equipment can be used to increase the precision of the flight path of the UAV, increasing the precision of localization of methane sample and orthomosaic data.

Survey flights can occur at 10m, 20m or 30m elevations or the flight path can be contoured to follow terrain. Terrain following is useful to control the elevation variable and deliver a more accurate dataset.

Methane Leak Detection Flight Plan


The data collected from the Laser Falcon can be used to create a density map of changes in methane concentrations. Plotted over the orthomosaic, operators can quickly identify the elevated methane concentrations and areas of interest provided from the dataset. This data set can be provided in several formats including .csv and .kml with a summary report generated as a .pdf for fast and easy viewing without the requirement of special software.

Methane peaks over the ground
Methance .csv

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