Sub Surface Investigation

Maverick Inspection Ltd. refers to sub surface investigation as the process of examining and assessing what lies beneath the surface of the ground, typically to locate and identify underground utilities or objects. This investigation involves the use of various technologies and techniques, including ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic locating, and magnetometry.

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Geomatics Mapping and Modelling

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Ground Penetrating Radar

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Sub Surface Investigation

Collectively, these technologies: ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic locating, and magnetometry, allow for accurate subsurface investigation and utility locating. They provide valuable insights into the location, depth, and composition of underground utilities, aiding in excavation, construction, and maintenance projects while minimizing the risk of damaging existing infrastructure.



  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Electromagnetic Locating
  • Geomatics Mapping and Modeling
  • Magnetrometery
  • Confined Spaces

Technologies We Utilize

utility locating radio detection wand

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a geotechnical method that uses radar pulses to create an image of subsurface structures and objects. It is commonly employed in utility locating to identify underground utilities such as pipes, cables, and conduits. GPR sends electromagnetic waves into the ground, and when these waves encounter changes in material composition or buried objects, they reflect back to the surface. By analyzing the reflected signals, a trained operator can determine the presence and location of subsurface utilities.

utility locating radio detection wand

Electromagnetic Locating

Electromagnetic locating is another technique used for utility locating. It involves the use of electromagnetic signals to locate buried metallic objects, such as utility pipes and cables. This method relies on the principle that buried metallic objects create magnetic fields that can be detected and traced using specialized equipment. By moving the electromagnetic locator along the ground surface, the operator can trace the path of the buried utilities and mark their locations.

Locating Wand Radio Detection

Push Reels and Sondes

Pushreels are used to deliver sondes in piping and sub surface utility conduits. Sondes emit an electromagnetic signal, allowing an electromagnetic detector to pick up the signal through areas that are difficult to detect or deeply buried utilities.

Geomatics Mapping and Modeling

Whether you require detailed topographic surveys, 3D modeling, orthophoto production, vegetation analysis, or any other geomatics-related services, Maverick Inspection Ltd. is your trusted partner. We are committed to leveraging the latest technologies and industry best practices to provide reliable, cost-effective, and innovative geospatial solutions that empower our clients to make informed decisions and achieve their project goals.


    Concrete basins, sumps, surge tanks and infrastructure below ground can be inspected using remote video inspection technologies including crawlers and internal drones/UAVs. Maverick range from the provision of CSA Class 1 Div 1 ATEX rated equipment for explosive environments to internal drones equipped with 4k cameras. These technologies can be used to reduce manned inspections and de-risk infrastructure inspection.

    Locating Wand Radio Detection


    Magnetometry is a geophysical method used to detect and map variations in the Earth’s magnetic field. In utility locating, magnetometry can be utilized to identify subsurface metallic objects, such as buried tanks or metallic infrastructure. Magnetometers measure the magnetic field strength, and any deviations from the background field can indicate the presence of subsurface objects. This method is particularly useful for detecting large metallic structures or anomalies

      Full Service Range

      Maverick Inspection offers a range of professional services conducted by experienced technicians to accurately locate and map various utilities through subsurface investigation.

      Our services include:

      Electrical Cable and Conduit Locating:

      Our technicians utilize advanced methodologies to locate and map electrical cables and conduits, ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical systems.

      Gas Pipeline and Distribution Line Detection

      Our skilled team employs state-of-the-art techniques to detect and map gas pipelines and distribution lines, ensuring the integrity and safety of gas systems.

      Water and Sewer Pipeline Locating

      We provide expertise in locating and mapping water and sewer pipelines, enabling effective maintenance and minimizing disruptions to water and sewer services.

      Storm water Drainage System Inspection

      Our technicians are proficient in investigating and mapping storm water drainage systems, facilitating proper maintenance and preventing drainage issues.

      Oil and Fuel Pipeline Detection

      We offer comprehensive services for locating and mapping oil and fuel pipelines, helping to ensure the integrity and efficient operation of these critical systems.

      Heating and Cooling Duct Locating

      Our technicians employ specialized techniques to locate and map heating and cooling ducts, optimizing HVAC system performance and energy efficiency.

      Utility Tunnel and Vault Inspection

      We conduct thorough inspections of utility tunnels and vaults to identify and map the utilities within, providing valuable information for maintenance and future planning.

      Buried Storage Tank Detection

      Our experienced team utilizes advanced technologies to detect and locate buried storage tanks, assisting with environmental assessments and site planning

      Telecommunication Cable and Fiber Optic Locating:

      We specialize in locating and mapping telecommunication cables and fiber optics, helping to prevent damage and maintain reliable communication networks.

      With Maverick Inspection, you can trust our experienced technicians to deliver precise and reliable utility locating services, ensuring the safety, efficiency, and compliance of your subsurface infrastructure

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      Drone, RPAS and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

      Use drones to navigate into spaces that are inhospitable to manned entry.

      Utility Locating

      Between Industrial, commercial and residential utility located Maverick Inspection Ltd. has the experience to get the job done right.

      Remote Video Inspection

      Use remote video inspection to enhance your sub surface inspection.