Drone Inspection Applications

Maverick Inspection Ltd. offers complete drone inspection services with an array of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) to complement our remote video inspection capabilities. Remotely operated inspection technologies are gaining wide spread use in many different industries. Significant time and cost savings can be realized for a project when implemented by experienced professionals. Increase the safety to personnel by eliminating the need for confined space entry teams, rescue teams and scaffolding.

Industrial Drone Inspections

Maverick Inspection is a premier drone service provider to major industrial clients across  Western Canada.

Commercial Drone Inspections

Building Envelope and Roofing Inspections

Real Estate Photography and Videography


Flare Stacks, Pilots, Furnaces

Methane Emissions

Methane Detection and Quantification

Geomatics Mapping and Modelling

Prepare Maps and Models within hours

Drone Inspection Applications


    • Confined space inspections of tanks, vessels, piping, stacks and chimneys, process equipment, headers, pipelines, subsurface vessels, sinkholes and storm drains
    • Thermal imaging of roofs, tanks, vessels and building envelopes
    • Aerial Imaging and mapping site infrastructure, pipelines and ROWs.
    • Creation of Maps, Digital Surface Models, Digital Elevation Models, Digital Terrain Models, point clouds and 3D models.
    • Automated routine inspections
    • Methane leak detection along with other VOCs.
    • Visual Inspection of infrastructure including bridges, manways, platforms ladders and decks.
    • Flare Inspections
    • Building Envelope Inspections
    • Solar panel inspections
    • Electrical Transmission and distribution line inspections


Based in Alberta, Maverick Inspection Ltd. maintains a fleet of inspection RPAS for both Internal and External applications. These UAVs represent the most advanced, enterprise level equipment that are available on the market. The UAV Team operates under a comprehensive UAV Operations Program that is combined with the experience of well established procedures in mission planning, operations and data processing. The Maverick Inspection Ltd. UAV Operations Program maintains compliance with the Civil Air Regulations that govern Canadian airspace.

Maverick Inspection understands the needs and requirements of Alberta’s industrial sites. We are a local company that had provided inspection services across Western Canada since 1994.

About RPAS Drones and UAV Inspections

Explore a portion of our common drone inspection applications.  Our UAV teams are fully compliant with the Civil Air Regulations that govern the external operation of remotely piloted aircraft systems in Canadian airspace.

In addition to our crawlers, borescopes and drop cameras, Maverick Inspection routinely uses drones as an additional tool to improve the safety and efficiency of traditional remote video inspection.

Maverick's RPAS Equipment Setup
Drone pictures around grain elevator
Control screen for Elios 2

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Underground Storage Tank


Concrete basins, sumps, surge tanks and infrastructure below ground can be inspected using remote video inspection technologies including drones/UAVs. A drone can eliminate the need for manned entry by providing 4k videos and imaged from inside the structure. De-risk infrastructure inspections by using a drone.

Drone Picture of a Tank


A drone equipped with a thermal camera will provide an enhanced perspective during a thermographic inspection. A UAV can navigate around the perimeter of furnaces, stacks and flares to record the surface temperature.

Internal Image of a Process Heater


Furnaces and process heaters are commonly inspected with an Elios 2. They are typically arranged with sufficient space in the radiant, convection and stack sections for the Elios 2 drone to navigate. Loose refractory and insulation can be inspected without the need for manned entry inside the unit. Tubing, anchors, inlets, piping, manways, refractory brick and cast refractory can be inspected quickly and in high resolution.

Elios 2 inside process heater


or internal drone inspections, Maverick deploys Flyability’s ELIOS drone. It is engineered to provide safe and effective video inspections of plant equipment internals. ELIOS is collision tolerant and made for stacks, chimneys, vessels, piping, and other industrial internal inspections.



The DJI Matrice 300 RTK equipped with a Zenmuse H20T thermal camera is an excellent tool for thermography of solar panels, furnaces, flares stacks, transmission lines. Further case usages include building envelope inspections (windows and doors), evaluation of wall insulation performance, and roofing insulation performance.

Property Scan

Roofing Inspections:

Maverick also provides traditional aerial drone inspections for more commonplace applications such as roof scans, building envelopes, and aerial mapping. Combined with Maverick’s CAD, GIS, Geomatics and mapping capabilities, drones are powerful tools and not just cool toys.

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